Some of the best books are young adult books. Both books are written for young adults between 12 and 16 years of age. What’s special about these books is that they still have the innocent childish impact on children’s books and have this new extra maturity for them as well. Many books for children are written in a very safe manner, without making them sound too frightening to give them nightmares. Yet children become more interested as they hit the young adult age and want to find out everything they haven’t done before. This is when they start reading books for young adults that allow them to better understand themselves. The other reason they’re reading these books is because their parents, young adult fiction books who prevented them from reading these scary books, now believe they’re old enough and buy them copies of those books.

Some of this age group’s popular fiction books are “Twilight,” “Harry Potter,” “Eragon,” etc. They sold millions of copies and each year they continue to sell many more copies. “Harry Potter” and “Eragon” fall under Fantasy’s most popular genre of novels, and that’s why they succeeded.

Twilight was popular because a favorite of readers is vampire fiction. There is a demand for books on vampire fiction, and many authors have recently started writing a lot of books on vampire fiction, which have done very well. Dracula and Fevre Dream are some nice vampire fantasy novels.

Just because these books are called young adult books and written by young adults, they are not meant to be read by them alone. Younger kids can actually read them as well. There are many kids out there who are eager and confident to read and enjoy reading young adult books like Harry potter.

Also, you’re never too old to read these books. Adults can also enjoy these books. This is because someone will enjoy reading them when a book is well written.

It also does not mean that only these books and no other books should be read by young adults. They should be authorized to read any book they like. When they are ready to read hard books written for adults, they should be allowed to read them and if they enjoy reading picture books written for kids, they should be allowed to read them as well.

So if your child wants to read a book that doesn’t apply to their age category, you should let them read it because it’s not the age that counts, it’s the information they learn, it’s essential. You could also read the book before hand and make sure it’s suitable age to read before you send it to them.