The Bounce House, known by other names such as: the Moon Walk, Jolly Jumper or Astro Walk, has grown in popularity since its inception. Only rentals were available during the early years, but eventually these fun party inflatable structures have become affordable for most families to enjoy the fun in their very own backyards. Carnivals, churches and schools rent them and charge fees to raise monies. The Bounce House is a very versatile way to entertain or raise funds for events, and is a relatively safe way to make any occasion a hit. Get more informations about AZ bounce house various brands.

Bounce Houses are constructed of a PVC or nylon and vinyl material which is sturdy and flexible at the same time. This material is also able to handle small punctures without damaging the Bounce House itself. Once just a mattress inflated with one or more fans, the Bounce House has become a structure with columns and a roof that is still inflated by fans. The difference in the construction is that the air has more area to move about, which takes less energy (one fan as opposed to two or more like earlier designs) and is nowhere near as hot in the summer months. Mesh is used to keep the participants from tumbling out, while also allowing parents the opportunity to watch while their children bounce around inside. And keep in mind, children aren’t the only ones who enjoy Bounce Houses — they are structurally supportive for adults to enjoy the fun as well!

There are many designs readily offered for renting or purchasing. Castles and animals are two of the most noted designs to attract attention. There are even inflatable slides for your swimming pool! Water parks are offering Bounce House structures complete with water slides as new attractions for visitors. With the internet it is easy to purchase a new or even used Bounce House of your very own. Since they are inflatable storage is a breeze, however if you don’t have the space or the desire to own there are still many rental options available to you. Many rental facilities have trained staff to set up & take down the inflatable houses, as well as provide safety tips. Bounce Houses are available for any party you desire and certainly will make you the envy of the neighborhood!