There are a variety of devices that are included within a network, such as firewalls, routers, memory, switches, VoIP, modules, and wireless products. All of this hardware comes with a price tag that can add up to be quite expensive. There are some employers that would prefer to buy only new network equipment because of the guarantee that comes with them. Other employers want to purchase used Cisco network equipment in order to save some money. Although you or your company may be convinced that new equipment is the way to go, there are some reasons to buy refurbished equipment for your network.Click Sell cisco.

  1. Purchasing used network equipment can often save fifty to ninety percent of what purchasing new would cost. It is often more cost effective for owners to purchase used Cisco equipment for their small businesses.
  2. Resellers of used Cisco equipment typically have better customer service which gives you the chance to talk to them when necessary without having to pay extra for technical support.
  3. Popular Cisco network equipment resellers will often provide warranties for their used equipment that are competitive with a manufacturer warranty.
  4. Cisco equipment that is new will instantly become used once the box is opened. You could research the equipment to determine how many different companies have used it before you. You may be purchasing a piece of equipment that is just an open box piece of equipment and has actually never been used.
  5. Dealers that sell refurbished network equipment test the hardware before they sell it. This will give you the peace of mind knowing the equipment works and will save you some headaches when you first install and use it.
  6. Purchasing used Cisco network equipment is good for the environment as well. These types of electronic equipment can leak hazardous materials that they contain and can be harmful to the environment.
  7. Purchasing refurbished equipment for your network is practical. Your boss will be pleased by your effort to save money and will give you the praise you deserve.
  8. In order to ensure that you have all of the best products that you need for your network, dealers will often offer other used products you can choose from.
  9. You can purchase GBICs that are compatible with the manufacturer’s product but at a lower cost.
  10. Money that is saved by purchasing refurbished equipment can be used to help raise employee morale and therefore productivity by giving them a bonus.