Whether you’re planning a picnic for a company, a family party or a birthday party for a kid, if it’s hot outside, a rental of an inflatable water slide party will be a sure fire hit! In extremely warm weather, planning an outdoor picnic or party can create cranky guests who are overheated and rarely stay long, because they quickly crave the coolness of their air-conditioned home. Get the facts about water slide rentals Charlotte NC you can try this out.

If you add an item of water to your summer party, you will find that your guests will get a blast! Renting a water slide is a perfect way to entertain not just your children but adults as well. They are the perfect complement to any family oriented function.

Save On Your Party Budget: Rent A Water Slide Inflatable Instead of spending money on various smaller activities for your party, consider going on an inflatable water slide with one main attraction. This will help you keep up your party budget but also entertain your guests with a fun party activity for hours. By renting an inflatable party, you’re actually saving yourself money, because you’re going to forget all the smaller activity costs.

Waters slide Party Rentals: In Your Backyard It can be set up in your own backyard when you rent a water slide. To ensure that it is safe and secure until use starts, inflatable experts can deliver and set up the water slide for you. There are many different sizes and types of inflatable water slides but the Dual Slip and Slide and the Splashdown Slide are the most common waterslide rentals.

Dual Slip and Slides Rentals The Dual Slip and Slide is going to be great for guests of all ages, but at age 6 and over it will be best. The waterslide is a double slip and slide, exactly as the name implies. To see who has the fastest slide in town, two guests can race against each other until the end of their own individual slide!

Splashdown Slide Party Rental Think of renting the Splashdown Slide for your next summer picnic or party if a traditional waterslide is more up your alley. Everyone can enjoy this fun slide, from young children to adults, ending up in a cool pool of water, staying cool and entertained for hours.